Physicians and Orthopedic Surgeons

Our specialty sports medicine center is a clinic that is on the cutting-edge of Canadian orthopaedic and rehabilitation care.  These two specialities tend to be offered in separate locations, and as a patient you are often referred from one specialist in order to see another.

We are proud of the continuity in care that we offer, and the ability to help patients in both surgical intervention as well as conservative approaches. We believe that this approach is the future of orthopaedic and sports medicine.

We offer a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon and an advanced practice fellowship trained physiotherapist as a consultation for all musculoskeletal diagnoses. Patients can typically be seen in 2 weeks or less from the time of referral from your family doctor. No other clinic can offer this, especially in the Newmarket area! We offer the complete care for you injury or pain dysfunction. From injection therapies, bracing, physiotherapy, massage therapy along with surgical intervention, we are the one stop shop for your discomfort.  With our affiliation with Full Radius Orthopaedics (Dr. Chris Lindsey, Dr. Vik Tuli and Dr. John Randle), we have a wide range of surgeons to choose from if you need surgery. Once screened, we can even expedite your referral to surgery if it is necessary. Located in a brand new state-of-the-art facility in close proximity to Southlake Hospital, we hope to become your first choice for your sports medicine and orthopaedic injuries.

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