Physiotherapy treatment: your gateway for better overall health!

As movement specialists, a physiotherapist’s role is to help you move your best: after injury, before or after surgery, with nagging back pain, or while managing a persistent health condition like arthritis.  Even more common, are the aches and pains that develop from a sedentary existence – hours chained to a desk job with little daily movement and changes in posture.  Exercise is our prescriptive medicine!!  At OA Physio, our assessment first tackles the short term goals and treatment needed for you to feel better, and our long term plan helps find your best fit for long term recovery of function.  We don’t just treat body parts, we treat the whole you.  In a well summarized statement by Physiotherapist, academic, and researcher Stefan Hegenscheidt: “Physiotherapists are the ones who see patients for the longest time of all the health professionals, so we have the chance to make the greatest impact on the exercise and physical activity habits of our patients.”

In order to make sure you reach your best potential of movement and function, physiotherapy cannot just be a bandaid for your present condition.  Our treatment must move beyond manual therapy, modalities, and local therapeutic exercise, and move towards whole body exercise training.  This may also include education and strategies for other influences on recovery, such as stress, sleep, and other lifestyle factors.

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) believes that with growing numbers of people leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, it is imperative that effective strategies for exercise across the lifespan are implemented. As experts in movement and exercise and with a thorough knowledge of risk factors and pathology and their effects on all systems, physical therapists are the ideal professionals to promote, guide, prescribe and manage exercise activities and efforts. Exercise promotes well-being and fitness. It is a powerful intervention for strength, power, endurance, flexibility, balance, relaxation, and the remediation of patho-physiology, impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions. Regular exercise also helps open up the potential of physical activity as a means of recreation.

As part of your integrated care at OA physio, we ensure that your immediate needs are addressed whether this is back pain, a knee injury, after shoulder surgery, or a simple desire to move better with more strength. At the same time, it is our priority to help you gain the necessary education and tools to better your overall health.  Our own facilities offer an excellent opportunity for increased exercise participation, we offer small group exercise classes and yoga, and our connections in the community are unmatched.

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